Welcome to the website of the Mount St Helens Creation Center. To find out all the latest information on the center, please use the navigation menu.

Opening Hours

The Creation Center is open at our new location Monday through Saturday (see box on Right Bar) – except for excursions and conferences. (See Calendar for details)

Our location is: 147 Front Ave NW, Castle Rock, WA 98611 (the former Exhibit Hall).

(Our mailing address is: PO Box 629, Castle Rock, WA 98611)


COVID 19 Virus Updates:

In view of the various new regulations concerning the COVID 19 pandemic, the Creation Center is to make the follow changes, for the duration of the current emergency regulations:

  1. The Creation Center building is closed to visitors. You can contact me, if you want to pick up a book. Our telephone number is (360)-274-5737. I will shortly have that number redirect to my home number (the redirection has not happened today – March 18th)
  2. All purchases from our webstore will, while the emergency lasts, be shipping-free. Please note that I have no control over how USPS, UPS, and FedEx will react, so those issues might slow down shipping. Our online order form contains a donation box, if you wish to add anything to cover shipping, but there is no obligation.
  3. I will be doing my best to increase online messages. I tried and failed to get a live broadcast out this week. I am going to record it and upload it instead. I will try and make such broadcasts much more frequent during the emergency.

Come back here to see any further news – or visit our Facebook page, linked at the top of this website.

Also – I have been completing the process of canceling all the travel arrangements I made for the trip to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Some airlines will only give evouchers for later use. Other organizations have refunded, with small fees. All returned monies will be put in a special travel fund, because the trip WILL be re-arranged, and your money will NOT be used for other purposes, other than for what it was given. Besides, I desperately want to see my grandchildren…

This is a small family-run ministry. Our telephone number is: