Web Development 101

Web Development IconThis is a unique course in web development. Most web development courses start from the basic coding, and work upward. While this might be very worthy, it is frustrating to the learner, who is not producing good looking websites for months.

This approach starts with an established Content Management System – Wordpress – and works backwards, to cover all the necessary supporting technologies when they are required.

Ultimately, the course will cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap, and Wordpress.

The course is designed for students of high school age, but there is no upper age limit for admission. There may be adults who want to join in, and there may be younger children who have the ability to join in.

Those participating will need to use their own laptop computers, running Windows 7 or later, and need to have parents' permission for us to install some open source software. The software – all carefully checked – will be supplied with installation instructions. Students will also be supplied with notes. A text book will be available for purchase. The anticipated cost of the course is $180 for a course (10 x 1 hour lessons, but the first one free). This price is not yet firm.

The software is Xampp (Apache, PHP, MariaDB), Netbeans, Notepad++, and Gimp.

Download the course outline here:

Buy the book here:

Web Development out of the Box 101 Web Development out of the Box 101

Those interested in selecting dates for this course, please contact us at info(at)mshcreationcenter.org, with Web Dev Course in the subject.