We Need a New Commentary

I am taking part in a study on how to read the Bible. I will not name the study guide; there is much in it which is good, and much which is not. However, reaching a section on how to interpret narrative history, like Genesis, a commentary recommendation was made. As soon as I saw the name of the author of the commentary recommended—Bruce Waltke—I knew that I could not recommend that commentary.

The Six Days of Genesis
Perhaps I need to expand this book, to cover the whole of Genesis.

It isn’t good to be negative all the time. So what commentary would I recommend? This is where I hit a problem. The overwhelming majority of the commentaries on the whole of Genesis are written from an old-earth, or evolutionary point of view. Granted, there are some very decent books about Genesis; The Book of Beginnings, by Henry Morris III, Understanding Genesis by Jason Lisle, and Jonathan Sarfati’s excellent partial commentary, The Genesis Account, which covers up to chapter 11. Even I have written a commentary on the first 11 chapters. The only whole book commentary, remaining faithful to the early chapters, appears to be Henry Morris The Genesis Record—but this was published in 1976, and the science (though not the theology) needs to be developed.

Perhaps this is too great a task for one person. Perhaps we need a small team to produce a good commentary. Or maybe I need to get on with expanding my “The Six Days of Genesis”.

Whatever the answer is, it definitely needs doing—fast! If someone is writing such a commentary, please let me know. If someone would like my input to a team implementing such a project, let me know. But let’s have a proper chapter-by-chapter commentary on the whole of Genesis, and let’s try to see it done within 12 months.

Is Genesis History?
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