Harry Gardner Field Trip

North and South Fork Toutle Rivers
North and South Fork Toutle Rivers

In this field trip, students will study two main concepts:

  1. Identification of rocks by the riverside
  2. How the rivers are constantly changing, due to erosion of the banks and beds.

Parking is at the end of the County Road, leading from the entrance to Harry Gardner Park. The activities take place on the mudflows, at the banks of the South Fork and North Fork Toutle Rivers.

Wear old clothes. Good walking boots, or waterproof boots may be necessary, as the area can be very muddy, if there has been recent rain.

For participation in this field trip, we invite a suggested donation of $15 per student (unlike the excursions, we will not charge for supervising parents, teachers or other adults, unless they are students). This donation amount includes educational worksheets, to put in a 3-ring binder (binder not included).