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As some of you know, I am going to be traveling to the UK and Republic of Ireland at the end of March and beginning of April 2020. There are some internal travel costs associated with this trip, as you might expect. But one cost is somewhat more than I budgeted for, so I want to ask your help.

When I am in the Republic of Ireland (March 24th through March 30th), I will need to rent a car, which is normally inexpensive – about $223 total. However, I will be visiting my son, Adam, his wife, Abigail, and their three children, Margaret, Killian, and Cadoc. I would really like to take them out, while I am there – they do not have a car of their own. Hiring a seven-seater van would cost me about $600, which is nearly $400 more than I budgeted.

If any of you would feel able to donate to a ministry travel fund, I would be very grateful. This page contains a link to donate to the Mount St Helens Creation Center via PayPal. If you mark your donation for Travel Fund (by typing “Travel Fund” in the comment box), your donation will be used solely for this purpose. My total internal travel costs are listed below, but there will be additional costs for purchasing gas (petrol). If I receive more than the $400 that I am requesting, the excess will be used for travel costs on this trip. If I receive more than the travel costs for this trip, then the excess will be saved for future travel expenses.

Many thanks for considering this.

Paul Taylor

Approximate costs:

Travel Fund Cost $
Flight – Belfast to Cardiff return $246.40
Car rental – Cardiff $169.70
Car rental – Dublin $569.00
Hotel – one night – Belfast $100.00

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