The Voyage Begins Again

The Ark Encounter
The Ark Encounter, by Answers in Genesis

Our friends at Answers in Genesis have built a full-size replica of the Ark. This magnificent construction, in Kentucky, is witness to God's grace and His work of salvation. This is how their Ark Encounter website describes the project.

“The Cross is the greatest reminder for us of the salvation we can have in Jesus Christ. The Creation Museum was built as a reminder that we can trust the authority of God’s Word in every area. Other than the Cross, the Ark of Noah is one of the greatest reminders we have of salvation. The Ark Encounter project was born out of a desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people across America and the world.”

The full-size Ark will house a wonderful, God-honoring and faith-building exhibition about the Flood. We commend AiG Ken Ham, and all his colleagues, on this achievement, and pray that it will be mightily used of God to bring people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

The opening date for this project is Thursday July 7th 2016.

For more information, please see their special Ark Encounter website.

Meanwhile, the link below opens up their latest drone footage of the project.


Cross Encounters
Arts on the Mountain: Creation Center closed

2 responses on “The Voyage Begins Again

  1. Jimmy mullis

    We were at mt St. Helens this summer. We are supporters of cmi, ICR, creation moments, and aig but had never heard of you until seeing this on the moments email now. Seems like I have seen your name associated in the past with another ministry.

    1. Paul Taylor Post author

      Hi Jimmy
      In the past, I have worked for Answers in Genesis (2005 – 2011) and Creation Today (2011 – 2014).
      Paul Taylor

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