The First Two Days

Our bookstore
Our bookstore
Our bookstore

Officially, Geri and I do not start work until tomorrow. However, neither of us feel able to just sit by and do nothing, so we put in a full day's work yesterday and today! I have made a start on opening a few boxes, and have got my laptop up and running, though I still have to work out how to make it talk to the printer. We have taken phone calls, booked tours and taken two tentative bookings for speaking engagements. I have also ordered more copies of my books, as I sold out of them during my recent tour of the Mid West.

I hope that many of you reading this post will feel able to make the trip to the 7 Wonders Museum soon and meet us in action! As an incentive to at least visit this website again, I am offering a 33% discount on all downloadable items on my personal website, Just Six Days. Visit the downloads page here, purchase what you like, and apply code oct2014. The 33% discount will be in force until October 31st 2014.

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