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The Mount St Helens Creation Center is proud to announce that we are now have an affiliate program with Awesome Science TV. For many years, Awesome Science Media has produced high quality features and documentaries, from a biblical worldview – including the Flood Geology series, the Creation Guys, Debunking Evolution and many more.

You may have seen many of these on DVD, but now Awesome Science Media has launched Awesome Science TV – a video streaming platform, to provide an easy to use system to get these videos into your home. You can purchase individual videos, or subscribe to the platform – which will provide you with access via a web browser, or via Apple TV, Android TV boxes, or Roku.

And every time you make a purchase, or take out a subscription, the Mount St Helens Creation Center benefits with 30% of the price! So you can support this ministry, and support Awesome Science TV, enabling them to produce even more quality programs for you to enjoy.

For more information, follow the link below!

Awesome Science TV

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Dr. John Whitcomb, 1924 - 2020

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