Only Believe

Only Believe

Paul Taylor's new book, Only Believe, is a guide to apologetics. In the book, Paul explains how apologetics is sometimes mishandled. Through careful use of Scripture, he examines the best way to defend your faith.

“Apologetics is that branch of practical theology concerned with the defense of the Christian faith. Yet, I discovered that, for years, I had being doing apologetics wrong. It turned out that what I was defending was not really the Christian faith, but simply a form of theism. In this book, I introduce the concept of Presuppositional Apologetics, and examine it from Scripture. I have kept technical terms to a minimum, so that this should be just about the easiest to read book that you have ever found on the biblical way to defend your faith.”

Paul Taylor, author.

“‘The Bible says so.’ Try giving that answer to a 21st century individual and get ready for them to be underwhelmed.  Why? Because they have no idea the enormity or power of that statement. We sing the song as kids, but somehow as adults we forget that the most authoritative and simple answer is, ‘The Bible tells me so.’ In his book Only Believe, Paul Taylor delivers the background to this profound answer. Read it for yourself and BELIEVE.”

Eric Hovind, founder and president of Creation Today.

“Jesus Christ is King. He's my King, he's Paul's King, He's your King. We need works like this that teach us to recognize the kingship of Jesus Christ when we defend our faith in the hopes that the lost may come to know our King as their Savior.”

Sye ten Bruggencate, apologist / evangelist, Absolute Apologetics


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