New Season Changes

East Side and Spirit Lake
East Side and Spirit Lake
Mount St Helens, from Spirit Lake

Some of you will now know, from our email newsletters, that the ministry moved out of its former premises (4749 Spirit Lake Hwy, Silverlake, WA 98645) on January 31st 2016. We are now waiting on God to see how He provides for the new season. In the meantime, this ministry will continue to be available, when the new season begins. If we have not found new premises by then, there are a number of venues that we will be able to book, in order to accommodate your visits and excursions.

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It was hoped that we would be able to acquire new premises, with the aid of a small investment team, who have prayerfully given us their support. However, the premises that we all had in mind, which we felt certain that God was drawing us to, have not yet been available to us. It has become clear that we need at least one more investor, although the more investors we have the better. If anyone reading this email has a large sum for investment – possibly at least $150,000 – then please contact us, so that we can put you in touch with our current investment team. Though there are never guarantees with such matters, this is not intended to be a large donation. It is intended to be an investment, on which you would get a return. If you do not have those sort of funds, but you know of someone else who does, please feel free to share this news as widely as you can.

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