New Season Appeal 2019

Mount St Helens from I-5

The new season for 2019 will be beginning soon. Already, we are taking bookings for excursions for the Summer. And, as often happens for ministries of our sort, the coffers are depleted from the long winter months when we get few visitors. So we are launching a special New Season Appeal, and asking that you will prayerfully consider helping us to meet these exciting new season goals.

For the new season, we are hoping to have a number of special things in place. Check out the gallery, and the descriptions below for details of what we are hoping to achieve.

Building Signs

The outside of our building looks so good, now that it has been painted. However, it now needs professional looking signs, that can easily be seen from the street. These are likely to cost about $3,000.

Presentation Area

The presentation area needs a partition sheet-rocking to the ceiling. Have a look at our gallery, so you can see what I mean. Then we need a large, permanent screen, and the projection equipment must be properly installed. Cost – about $500.


New displays cost money. It costs about $300 to get a museum standard display of four boards produced. Then we need new display stands, to show the displays off effectively. These cost about $500 each, and we probably need two.

Audio Features

I have been developing two audio displays. To complete these – one of which I built from a Raspberry Pi computer kit – will cost about $200 in parts.

Human Resources

Obviously, the most expensive cost for this Center is the human resource aspect. The only person who gets paid is the Director. Please help make sure that there are enough funds to pay him for the next couple of months.


So, you can see that we are likely to need a boost for the Center of about $10,000. Thank you for all your prayerful support in the past. Please pray that we can achieve this goal. Any funds collected through this appeal will go into our General Fund, and I will report back on how your gifts have been spent for each of the items mentioned above. Please use the special Giving Button above or click here for the special donations page.


Center Volunteers
A Great New Look!

2 responses on “New Season Appeal 2019

  1. Joy Wilson

    We are wanting to come and see the institute the last week of June, 2019. I can’t seem to find if you are doing an excursion or not. From the looks of what I see, I think I want the eastside excursion from Morton. We also want to see the institute. I can’t see where on the web site we can schedule a tour. Do you have a schedule available. We would want to join another tour, so your valuable time is not wasted. Could you let me know your plans for this summer?

    1. Paul Taylor Post author

      Hi. Thanks for reaching out. I have not finished publishing my schedule of excursions, but there are still lots of opportunities for me to run excursions. Most of our excursions happen on Tuesdays or Saturdays, so we will definitely run an excursion on Tuesday June 25th 2019. This excursion will be on the West Side, starting from our Creation Center at 9:30am. I will not be able to operate an East Side (Morton) excursion that day, because the Park authorities do not check to see if they can open the East Side roads until July 21st, so I don’t schedule an East Side trip until mid July. I hope that June 25th works for you.

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