New Creation Center Launch

Did you know that about 3,000 people came through the Mount St Helens Creation Center last year?

Many of these were like Jon. He was having his 11thbirthday in this area. He had learned about Mount St Helens from anaudio series, and wanted all his family to know how the volcano illustrates the truth of God’s word.

Many of them were like Roger, who, though he didn’t believe in the timescale of Genesis, wanted to accompany his nephews and nieces to the area, with his sister and brother-in-law. After walking th eHummocks Trail with us, he was convinced that the Bible’s timescale was true.

What is there to see?

At Mount St Helens, people see for themselves the results of natural catastrophe, and at the Mount St Helens Creation Center, we are here to help them make the connection between this and the worldwide catastrophe of Noah’s Flood. It is only at the Mount St Helens Creation Center, that visitors to this area will get a biblical and scientific view of the events that have shaped this landscape.

Where is it?

Our new Center is in an exciting location, in the heart of downtown Castle Rock—a small city, situated right by the Interstate, at the point where visitors exit to drive to the mountain. We want even more people to be able to see even more exciting, faith-building displays and information, which will point them to the truth of God’s word. That is why we are asking to you to partner with us, to raise $40,000 in 2017. In this first phase of the development of the Center, we will use this $40,000 to go towards things like information displays, and painting and decorating the facilities, as well as carrying out essential repairs. We want thereto be a friendly, attractive, and dynamic environment here, in which the truth of God’s word will be proclaimed. In three phases, we are asking you to help us achieve our goal of $100,000.

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