Mountain Word Channel

Mountain Word Channel

Mountain Word Channel

The Mountain Word Channel is a free private Roku channel, featuring a selection of media from our catalog. These audio and video programs will change periodically.

To receive the channel, visit, and login, with the same username and password that you use on your Roku box. Go to My Account, and click on Add Channel with a Code. Use access code mountainword. You will get a warning message, because some private channels are used for inappropriate purposes. Click the button to accept and add the channel, and it will appear on your Roku box.

Note that you can only add non-certified channels like ours through the Roku website, after which they do appear on the Roku box. You cannot add a non-certified channel through the Roku box itself. We are currently seeking to get the channel certified.

The channel contains a number of our videos, including Paul Taylor talking on:

  • Don’t Miss the Boat
  • Only Believe
  • James Ussher and the History of Bible Chronology
  • Deconstructing Dawkins
  • Bethlehem’s Star (our Christmas presentation.

You will also find Paul’s TV documentary, Darwin and Darwinism: 200 Lost Years.

You can listen to audio through these Roku channels, so all our podcasts (The Mountain And The Word) are also published on the channel.