Mount St Helens Creation Adventure

Mount St Helens Adventure

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 – Saturday, August 22, 2020

2020 sees the 40th anniversary of the devastating eruption of Mount St Helens in 1980. Many significant changes occurred to the Earth’s surface, that cannot be explained by evolutionary or deep-time geologic ideas.

We, at the Mount St Helens Creation Center, are very excited to be partnering with Living Waters Bible Camp, and a large variety of creation speakers and ministries to give you an unprecedented 4 day adventure vacation – 1 day conference and 3 days of excursions. The excursions and hikes will be led by Paul Taylor, Dr. Steve Austin, Dr. Keith Swenson, and Rick Thompson. These will include trips to the West Side (Johnstone Ridge) and East Side (Spirit Lake), as well as the Columbia Gorge, and a challenging and exciting hike to the rim of the “Little Grand Canyon”, just north of the volcano.

Join us along with other experienced guides and speakers as you explore Mount St Helens and strengthen your understanding of Biblical creation.

Location: Kelso, Washington
Cost: $285 per person (all ages)

Cost ​Includes: 1-day 40th anniversary conference and 3-days of guided hiking
$50 Additional fee for the Rim Hike of “Little Grand Canyon” (in the area of the volcano) Note: Only 100 people total will be allowed on this special hike
Your Responsibility:

  • Meals: Breakfast is provided by the hotel, pack your own lunch, a late supper is available at many local restaurants. Grocery stores are also readily available.
  • Transportation to and from Mt. St. Helens. Fly into either Seattle or Portland and rent a car or carpool with friends.
  • Lodging (Hotel rooms are reserved for the event) The Red Lion Hotel near Mt. St. Helens, Kelso WA. Readily available restaurants and grocery stores for your convenience. You will need to make reservations directly with the hotel and mention the event for our rate of $102 plus tax. Although we have rooms reserved, you are welcome to stay anywhere you choose.
  • Daily travel to hiking locations. Renting a car when you purchase airfare may help save money.

For more information (including a conference schedule and list of hikes) or to register*, visit ​Living Waters Bible Camp.

*When you register, please mention Paul Taylor or the Mount St Helens Creation Center in the booking form.

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