Geri's Advent – Day 15


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Day 15 Getting what we want

Yesterday I briefly mentioned us as parents wanting to give our children what they want, in terms of presents at Christmas. Even as I wrote that, I knew that that would be the topic of today’s pause for thought.

Children see the adverts, listen to friends, spot what others have, and think about what gift would make life perfect. Sometimes they ask us for our opinion and we are able to guide some of their choices. Sometimes even though we are older and more mature, we often have the same mind set. “If only I had that dress, book, sofa, laptop, next generation phone, car, holiday, even house, then life would be complete. Therefore to follow on we in turn should ask our Father His opinion.

As I sit in front of the fire with Christmas approaching I decided to take a little time to think about ‘want’. I asked ‘what do I genuinely want?’ Joe often says, “Mum if money was no object what would you want?” Well there is the rub. I discover that some of the things that I genuinely want cannot be bought!

Some things, the most important things, don’t have a worldly price tag but are priceless.

The Bible says….. ‘Ask believing and you will receive’, and that Matt 18:19 says, ‘If two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.’

But we have to be careful what we ask for, I know I have been guilty of asking for things that I think they are perfect for me, the truth is I have quickly and painfully discovered that are not perfect and actually detrimental.

Over the years I have read a lot on prayer, prayer partners and the power of prayer. This is the conclusion I have come to, hang on wait for it…… When you pray it is wise to tell God of your hearts desires, even though He knows them already, but then, lay that request down and simply say…”Your will not mine be done”. While the words are simple the commitment is not. When you lay your ‘wants, desires, and dreams’, at the foot of Jesus, you then have to let go of them and wait. Trusting God to answer in His time and at His will, because He knows what is best.

I have numerous examples to testify to this, but the most recent one, is both ongoing and challenging. For a long time I have wanted my own home. A place to call ours, where I don’t have to ask if I can paint the walls, that I can choose the flooring, and design the garden. I want to put our mark on something and know that the investment will reap us benefits. I tried so hard in Pensacola to buy a house and got close once or twice, but we couldn’t qualify. Now we are no longer in a financial place to buy and it appears, humanly that is, that buying a house is totally off the list. But that is not the whole story. If we had bought a house in Pensacola we would now be in a tricky position of having to be landlords for a house nearly 5000 miles away, with all of the implications that brings, not good. We would not have been in the position to move as He directed as swiftly as we did. We were able to leave and not have to worry about property. God knows my hearts’ desire and I have laid it down and earnestly said, “Your will not mine be done Lord”.

I trust that God knows best and believe that He will either continue to provide a home that is not owned by us, or He will miraculously provide the perfect and lasting home for us to settle in. Either way, I am good with that.

Be careful what you pray for and always seek God’s take on the request. Don’t ask and settle for good, when God wants to bless you with the BEST.

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