Geri's Advent – Day 14


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Day 14

I can hardly believe it is only 10 days to Christmas Eve. People are posting photos Christmas events and parties they have attended, advertisers are bombarding us with enticing deals to buy things that we don’t really need, there are festive foods, clothes, toys, decorations, music, TV shows, films and so much more. It is a bedazzling time of the year and one that many find difficult because of the pressure the feel. Parents in particular, I know I am one, can frequently felt inadequate if they can’t give their loved ones all that they are asking for.

Since marrying Paul Christmas’ have taken a very different look and feel. I remember the first year we were married we were sitting at the table discussing the season and the issue of presents. Do we all buy each other a gift? Wow that worked out at a lot, 7 people buying 7 presents each. My mind began to swim.

After some thought and discussion we decided that a perfect solution would be ‘Secret Santa’ style option. We picked names out of a hat, and chose a night, we then all headed off to town, each people being given a specific amount of money to go and buy something for their chosen person. When the shopping was done we met to have a special meal somewhere.

It became a tradition and solved a great deal of headaches, in fact it became a time I looked forward to and really enjoyed. But this year we have moved into a different phase. Family is spread all over and doing that would be physically impossible. So it looks like we are going to just have to do the boring thing and give actual cash. I remember going through this in my own family as I was going up, and now here I am with my own family in the same situation. It is a sign of the times.

I am grateful that despite changes in family circumstances, geographical locations and number, the reason for Christmas never changes. It is reassuring to know that God is God, and because He so loved the world He sent His son, Jesus Christ. Today is the third Sunday of Advent- Joy- Today I am re-JOY-cing in the knowledge that while my family grows, moves and changes, two things remain steadfast, the reason for the season- the coming of Christ and Salvation, and the second, that no matter where my family is, or what they are doing, they are and always will be my family.

As with my faith, distance and circumstance does not alter the precious relationship I have with each and every family member. Wherever I am or they are, does not mean they are not thought of, prayed for and remembered. So it is with God. This year my view from my window is different, the church I attend is different, the people I meet daily are different, the roads I drive, the shops I use all different and unfamiliar, that does not alter, one jot, my faith.

Thank God that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and thank God that He gave me a precious family that will always be so too- regardless ……………..


“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. …. Because God is eternal and does not change, we can build our lives on Him and have a sure foundation.


Have a Blessed Sunday

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