Geri's Advent – Day 12


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Day 12

Yesterday I spoke about a book being called, “You are what you eat,” today following on from that, and the theme of dealing with satan, my phrase is “You are what you speak.”

Do you find it hard to say good things about yourself? Do you find it hard to speak good things about others? Do you find it difficult to speak positively about situations, events, your life or even your day?

Remember the pastor that said, “I love my life.” Part of what she counseled me on, was to change what I said in regard to what was going on in my life.

If you get up and say, “I am having a bad day!” or speak aloud negative and destructive thoughts, it becomes a mantra and a mantel that you wear and eventually it alters your real identity in Christ. I have greatly struggled with this over the years. I have allowed the opinions of others to shape me and even convince me of what I can, or cannot do or be. Finding your identity is essential to allowing God to fulfill His plan for your life. Through Him we are a new creation, the old gone and the new given an opportunity to achieve great things.

What and who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see yourself as God created you or as the world says you are?

Your life and my life are not set in stone. We have the way with all to change our circumstances, by focusing on God, surrendering to Him. I have said this before but I just want this to be clear. Every area of our lives has to be systematically surrendered, and our words are one area that can impact our own walk as well as others. Accepting that I am God’s darling (Psalm 35:17 KJV) did not come easy to me. Feeling unconditionally loved and accepted didn’t either. In fact I would say I am still a work in progress. But one thing I have come to learn is that I become what I say out loud. If I say, I am afraid or fearful about something guess what, I embrace that fear and before I know it it is controlling me. If I say, I can’t- I begin to believe it to the point of it stopping me from moving forward and growing. Our minds are powerful and wonderfully made. Today I am once again reminding myself of the importance of speaking as God wants me to.

The words of our mouths reflect our hearts and that reflects our walk.

2 Chronicles 18:12-13

12 And the messenger who went to summon Micaiah said to him, “Behold, the words of the prophets with one accord are favorable to the king. Let your word be like the word of one of them, and speak favorably.” 13 But Micaiah said, “As the Lord lives, what my God says, that I will speak.”

God does not speak ill of you, or others. He does not speak to demean, deceive or cheat. He speaks, light, love, hope, encouragement and salvation. Next time satan with a small ‘s’ tells you you are useless, a failure, bad, unworthy, shout out that God says different. Say aloud, “I am useful and have a God given purpose, I am not a failure but success in God who has a plan for me to prosper, I am bad and unworthy, but Jesus came and paid the price and now I am a jewel, a child of the living God.

Our challenge is to be as God would have us be. Hearing as He would hear, see as He would see and speak as He would speak. Next time you look in the mirror tell yourself you are loved beyond measure, next time you are challenged speak words of praise and truth into the situation and watch what happens.

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