Geri's Advent – Day 11


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Day 11

Funny, I went to bed last night and I was thinking about my pause for thought. A load of great points flooded my mind and made me wish I had added them. I scribbled a few onto a piece of paper at the side of the bed, planning to come back to the post early morning.

I got up-late, but, thank the Lord, Joe and I kept to our daily devotion routine. As we began to read I smiled broadly, today’s reading James 4:7- “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you!”

I had absolutely no idea that was coming and I thank God that He has such a great sense of humor and timing. Here I was wanting to find scripture to use for strength and God brings one through my son’s devotional. If that was not enough as I started my own study, I had the same verse again. I was beginning to get the message that this verse needed to be posted today.

Spiritual warfare has always been around – in fact right from the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, lol. Satan has tried and often succeeded in bringing down hundreds of thousands. Why do some fall while others stand? Well I don’t pretend to be a theologian or an expert, but I do confess to falling foul of satan with a little ‘s’. So when I speak about ‘falling foul’, I can only do so in relation to my own walk, but guess that many will be able to relate. Here is a quick analogy. I have always battled with my weight! No need to go into a detailed breakdown of the ups and downs- I have just struggled. I have attended classes, read books, joined gyms and spent, who knows how much, money on trying to get thin, and stay thin. One of the books I bought was called ‘You are what you eat!” Ummm that makes me a chocolate coated loaf of bread then. Bread is definitely one of my weak spots, next to chocolate.

Here’s the point, food is a weak spot and satan knows it. He uses it, and all too often, I succumb. Thing is that, week by week when I get on the scales, all the secret eating, all the cheating myself and believing that this one KitKat won’t matter, shows that it does matter. Pounds are not lost, maybe even gained, a sense of failure washes over me, and the truth hits home.

It is the same with my faith. I can go to church, study, pray, read, post ‘pause for thoughts’, til I am blue in the face, but if there is no fruit, then it is just like my diet attempts, empty and without really commitment and substance. It is time to get real, accept the discipline and rejoice in the training it brings, commit to a prayer and study time, attend church to see what you can give, not get, and to fight against satan! Unless there is effort my walk will not hold up. But fighting satan is a not an easy job. That is why so many have written on the subject- David Pawson, Derek Prince and countless others. A friend of mine recently wrote an excellent book and phone APP on the subject, that gives simple and effective tools to really conquer satan using the word of God. We need to discipline and commit ourselves, I say this to myself more than to anyone else, to the fight. The more we do, the stronger we become, and the more able to be sensitive too, and deal with all that comes our way.

Satan is NOT, I repeat NOT more powerful than God, he cannot stand against Him and win, nor can he stay where he is not welcome or allowed. Using the word of God which is a mighty sword makes satan flee. He has no power to stay, unless you give him permission. The blood of Jesus broke his hold on you in all ways. You can, I can, overcome satan and walk in freedom.

James 4:7- “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you!” Find yourself a piece of scripture, learn it or write it down and keep it close, quote it, stand on it, shout it out, and watch satan with a small ‘s’ flee.

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