Geri's Advent – Day 10


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Day 10

Today has been a tough day. The alarm went off and even after two coffees delivered in person by my coffee maker getting up was a huge effort. I called my mum to wish her ‘happy birthday’; my heart tugged and hurt. The day stretched ahead with a long ‘to do’ list and all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa.

Everything was in slow motion and I felt like I was in a fog. My quiet time was labored. Paul came in to pray, seems nothing was going right for him either. We knew that this was just satan with a little ‘s’, trying to get at us. We prayed for each other, over each other and for our day.

Recognizing satan with a little ‘s’ and having the tools to deal with him swiftly is essential. There are a lot of really great tools out there to help you and point you in the right direction, but ultimately the only way is to deal with satan is to deal with satan. Learning how to deal with satan may take time and practice, but it gets easier. Even sitting down to write this has taken hours and effort to stay on track.

For me I use a simple formula, at the first sign of attack I pray, and praise God, simple and short, then I quote scripture, more praise and repeat until satan is gone. The formula works but the speed at which it works is down to me. I have to work harder some days than other. A pastor I once knew used to say, “shout hallelujah, when you are not wanting to pray, read scripture or attend church, bible study, prayer group or whatever it may be, Why? Because satan with a little ‘s’ is trying to stop you from hearing from God. Turn the sadness and lethargy into gladness and enthusiasm – it sends satan packing and prepares you to draw near to your Creator!”

Next time he tries to remind us of our past, mistakes, issues, regrets and whatever else the can. Thank him for such moments because it is in those moments that we can reminded that our God is bigger. Jesus paid the price and cancelled the debt and the Holy Spirit now dwells in us which in turn means, He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. Politely thank satan with a little ‘s’, for reminding us of just how great and awesome our God is. Then tell him to leave. He has to go.

I would welcome your input on this important issue and also tomorrow I am going to post some resources that are great to help with the fight.

Sleep well everyone, and know that God is up all night on watch, wherever you are.

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