Genesis – Paradise Lost

Genesis Paradise Lost

The Garden of Eden was paradise. The word paradise refers to a park, garden, or orchard. The connotations are that a paradise is a very pleasant place. Eden fits those criteria. God made a world that was perfect. He set Adam and his wife in a garden called Eden, that was to be pleasant and perfect. But then they spoiled it all, and lost paradise, by their sin. Specifically, Adam failed as our federal head, by disobeying God, and plunging every one of us into sin and death.

Outside the auditorium
Outside the auditorium, with our ministry's display and leaflets.

Today, the majority do not believe this account is true. So, maybe eight or nine years ago, a talented animator called Ralph Strean, set up a company called Sevenfold Films in order to produce a 3D animation, so that people could see how the Creation could have occurred. In 2012, Ralph moved to Pensacola, Florida, to team up with Eric Hovind and his Creation Today ministry, to be able to provide a solid creationist backing for the movie, and also to tap into Eric's boundless, boyish enthusiasm for the subject. It is his long-term commitment, coupled with his humor, that has kept this project alive. I cannot think of anyone else in creationism, who could have driven a project like this, while keeping so many people on board.

And that is where I need to make a personal disclaimer. You see, at that time, I was working for Creation Today, so I have seen, and supported the project from very early. Ralph often popped into my office to clarify various issues on current creationist thinking. And because I had previously worked for Answers in Genesis, I was able to introduce Eric and Ralph to the folks there. The rest, as they say, is history.

We all know that animations take a long time. But finally on Monday November 13th 2017, the finished movie was shown in movie theaters all over the US.

Was it good? No, it wasn't good. It was absolutely magnificent!

The 3D effects were amazing. I was privileged to offer a little initial information. But providing some of the factual information for the movie contributes nothing to the sheer artistic genius that is Ralph's work. A decade ago, I never could have imagined watching a visualization of the first chapter of Genesis. Yet this is exactly how I imagined the creation could have happened! I am confident that the word “genius” is not too high a word to describe Mr Strean, and his work.

The movie also featured so many of my dear friends – Danny Faulkner, Bodie Hodge, Charles Jackson, to name but three.

Movingly, the film did not pull its punches, and concluded with an excellent, biblically sound presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I loved this movie. I haven't seen the last three years worth of work, so it was a thrill to watch. And theater-goers had the privilege of seeing so much extra material before and after the movie.

I am looking forward to the release of the DVD and video downloads. And there is going to be so much other stuff to go with it, including study guides, and discussion groups. I am thrilled by this movie. If you were not there on Monday November 13th, you missed a treat. But the treats are still coming. And, remember, there is a book to accompany this movie. It is called Genesis.

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