Fall 2019

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Many Christian ministries are vulnerable to a dip in donations in the Fall. The Mount St Helens Creation Center is more vulnerable than most, because we are somewhat akin to a tourist organization, and are heavily reliant on donations from summer visitors. Add to this the fact that we are a very small ministry, and proportionate decreases in giving hit us hard.

However, God has given us an exciting ministry at the Creation Center, where we have hosted more people than ever before this Summer. We are also well on the way to developing our “off-season” as a support center for homeschooling families and co-ops. With belief in the truth of God’s word under attack as never before, we value your prayers and support for the important apologetics work that God has given us to do.

Please watch these videos to see the things that we are planning and the needs that we have. Then you can visit the page below to donate to our ministry, either with regular giving, or by a one-time donation. Please note that regular giving does not have to be large – if everyone who visits this page signed up to give just $5 per month, we would have no financial worries! If you are able to give a more substantial one-time gift, we would also be very grateful.

Please note that donations given by this appeal will be used in our general find.

May God bless you in all your work for Him!

Paul Taylor

Appeal News:

In our Fall 2019 Appeal, we are asking for $20,000. So far, you have donated $1,500. Thank you!