Creation Today Show S03E36

Creation Today Show

As some of you will know, I co-initiated and co-hosted The Creation Today Show with Eric Hovind, from May 2011 to January 2014. The shiw proved very popular indeed, and actually gave its name to Eric's ministry.

Creation Today

Well, on New Year's Day, I had the great privilege of being the special guest on the CT Show for the Season 3 finale! (Episode 36). I was interviewed by Eric and new co-host Ben Schettler. In fact, we did more than one interview, and Eric posted both the show and the extended interview on the Creation Today website. I encourage you to watch this show, and other shows, because they contain a wealth of information about creation and apologetics.

So – if you missed the show and the extended interview, then watch them here!

Creation Today Show – Season 3 Episode 36

Extended Interview