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28 New York and Imago Dei

One World Center lit pink

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Upcoming events in Washington state and Pensacola, FL
  • The so-called Reproductive Health Acts in New York state.

Paul explains in detail what the Bible and creationism has to say about abortion and the unborn child, and offers comment on the recent events in New York state.

Please keep tuned for further, more frequent episodes.

22 Starting Up Again

Portable Recording Studio
Portable Recording Studio

It's been a year since the last episode of The Mountain And The Word, but we are back – and the sound quality is better!

Re-starting The Mountain And The Word podcast! In this episode: an introduction to the Creation Center in Castle Rock, WA. A review of the movie Genesis Paradise Lost. Our education services. A science unit for homeschooled teens on oil.

21 Cage Stage Presuppositionalists – Audio

Presuppositional Apologetics is the name given to that form of defending the faith, which starts entirely from biblical principles. It is a subject that we have discussed several times before in this podcast, and it is the subject of my book 'Only Believe'.

Recently, I have noticed that there are a number of what I would refer to as Cage Stage Presuppositionalists on the internet. They have adopted the methodology of presuppositionalism, as one tool among many, without, it would seem, a real understanding of what it is about – or, more importantly, what He is about.

In order to consider this problem, I am joined on the show by my good friend Sye ten Bruggencate, who shares my concerns. Our conversation covers a great deal of ground on this topic, in what is probably the longest TMATW so far.

20 A Movie, A Commentary and A Youth Ministry – Audio

In this episode, we look at the astounding success of Del Tackett's movie “Is Genesis History?” We revisit the idea of a commentary and study course on the whole book of Genesis. And we review a brand new book, by Pastor David Martin, about youth ministry.