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eBay Giving Scheme

The Mount St Helens Creation Information Center (7 wonders Museum) is now registered with eBay. You can give to us through eBay every time you make a purchase, or whenever you sell something! Find out more below:

Question Time

We are about to launch an important question section to this website. The Q&A section – which will work a bit like Quora or Stackoverflow – will give you the opportunity to ask questions for Paul, or someone else, to answer. For example, if you are the parent of a public school student, and he…

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Black Friday Fun Day

Black Friday will be a fun-filled day at the Mount St Helens Creation Information Center. There will be lots of great activities for all ages, as well as presentations from International Creation Speaker Paul Taylor. The day will also be an opportunity to get some bargain Creation resources, as we need to rationalize some of…

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Twitter and Facebook

Social Media

Hi, Social Media fans! The 7 Wonders Museum has a presence in Social Media, and I have been rationalizing the addresses so that you can easily find them.  S0 – get ready to make a note of these social media addresses, which I have attempted to make as consistent as possible. Facebook Twitter…

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