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Question Time

Q & A
What shall we call it?

We are about to launch an important question section to this website. The Q&A section – which will work a bit like Quora or Stackoverflow – will give you the opportunity to ask questions for Paul, or someone else, to answer.

For example, if you are the parent of a public school student, and he comes home from High School with a difficult to answer piece of evolutionary propaganda, then this is the place to ask the question!

What should we call this section? Q&A is far too boring a title. Send answers through our Contact US section, or just add a comment to this post.

Black Friday Fun Day

Black Friday
Black Friday at the MSH Creation Center

Black Friday will be a fun-filled day at the Mount St Helens Creation Information Center. There will be lots of great activities for all ages, as well as presentations from International Creation Speaker Paul Taylor. The day will also be an opportunity to get some bargain Creation resources, as we need to rationalize some of our stock. And, if that were not enough, we will do it all again the day after on the Saturday!!

Mark these days in your calendar and make the weekend after Thanksgiving a blessed one to remember.

Black Friday Notice

(The morning program will be repeated in the afternoon, so the whole program will run 4 times)
(Also look on our website for super special offers on Cyber Monday December 1st 2014)

The Mount St Helens Creation Information Center will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 27th 2014 and Sunday November 30th 2014.

Cross Encounters Radio

Paul Taylor

Chris Hohnholz (standing in for Tony Miano) will be interviewing me for Cross Encounters Radio on Saturday October 18th 2014 at 4pm (Pacific Time). That's 5pm (Mountain), 6pm (Central) and 7pm (Eastern) – or midnight (UK time)

If you can't make the show at that time, it will be recorded, and podcasted (details at the link above), but, obviously, you won't get the live interaction.

Cross Encounters Radio

Cross Encounters Radio is a live internet radio program. I love live shows – with the ability to respond instantly to callers' questions. I also believe that the internet is the future of audio programming, that we still like to call “radio”.

Cross Encounters uses the services of Blog Talk Radio, which is one of the least expensive methods of running live shows. I mention this, because I would very much like to be running a show myself, here from the Mount St Helens Creation Information Center, as a weekly one-hour show. However, it is not free – it costs at least $39 per month for the really basic tools (there is a free service, but it is very restricted). If there is any church or organization that would like to commit to sponsoring all or part of this $39 a month, for a minimum of a 12-month period, I would love to hear from you. My thought is to get 3 sponsors – a main sponsor at $19 a month, and 2 others at $10 a month. Please use the Contact Page if you would like to consider this. Additionally, someone might feel able to help as call-screener.  Again, if you can do this, let me know (we can work out the show time between us).


Webinar with Andy McIntosh

Andy McIntosh
Andy McIntosh is one of the world's leading scientists.

What a good idea this is! My good friend Andy McIntosh is giving a webinar on Science, Mathematics and Beauty on Monday October 13th 2014. You need to register for this important event.

Andy is one of the UK's top scientists. He is Professor of Thermodynamics at the University of Leeds. He is also a Christian and a biblical creationist. He speaks frequently all over the world.

The 90 minute webinar will begin at:

6pm (UK time) – which is:

12 pm (Eastern), 11 am (Central), 10 am (Mountain) and 9 am (Pacific)

Get registering today for this important and exciting event.

Twitter and Facebook

Social Media

Hi, Social Media fans! The 7 Wonders Museum has a presence in Social Media, and I have been rationalizing the addresses so that you can easily find them.  S0 – get ready to make a note of these social media addresses, which I have attempted to make as consistent as possible.

The First Two Days

Our bookstore
Our bookstore
Our bookstore

Officially, Geri and I do not start work until tomorrow. However, neither of us feel able to just sit by and do nothing, so we put in a full day's work yesterday and today! I have made a start on opening a few boxes, and have got my laptop up and running, though I still have to work out how to make it talk to the printer. We have taken phone calls, booked tours and taken two tentative bookings for speaking engagements. I have also ordered more copies of my books, as I sold out of them during my recent tour of the Mid West.

I hope that many of you reading this post will feel able to make the trip to the 7 Wonders Museum soon and meet us in action! As an incentive to at least visit this website again, I am offering a 33% discount on all downloadable items on my personal website, Just Six Days. Visit the downloads page here, purchase what you like, and apply code oct2014. The 33% discount will be in force until October 31st 2014.