Christmas Movies

To help celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, and the truth of God’s word, we are showing these movies at the Creation Center on Saturday December 14th and Sunday December 15th 2019. This is also part of the Creation Center’s involvement with the City of Castle Rock’s Festival of Lights event. We will also be…

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Revamped Bookstore

We have completely revamped our webstore, so that it synchronizes with our physical bookstore in Castle Rock. Now you can get our real products when you want them! These two books will make excellent Christmas gifts. A Closer Look at the Evidence Have You Considered

34 Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and Harmony

Prince Harry recently made remarks about global warming, and malthusian population control, similar to views expressed nine years ago by his father, the Prince of Wales, in his book Harmony. We also begin a look at Day 4 of creation, in our series about Genesis. Please keep tuned for further, more frequent episodes. Play…

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