A Great New Look!

New look for the Creation Center

If you drive into Castle Rock, to see our Creation Center, you will not fail to notice that we have had a facelift! The Creation Center now has a beautiful new paint job.

The exterior walls of the building have been repaired, sealed, and painted in a lovely color, called Serious Gray. I think you will agree that, with the brick red detail work, it looks stunning.

Castle Rock has a fine, picturesque downtown area, and many of the other buildings have been painted and repaired in the last two years. Hopefully, the new look for the Creation Center will enhance the appearance of Downtown Castle Rock, as the Council and the Chamber of Commerce seek to attract more visitors.

Creation Center
Long morning shadows with the new look Creation Center.

New Season Appeal 2019
Opening Ceremony

4 responses on “A Great New Look!

  1. Rob & Frany Boersma

    Our Family is planning a “Devastation Vacation” next summer (2019) where we are road tripping all around the country to see the volcanic sites. Obviously, Mt St Helens ranks near the top of such a list. We are Christ followers and strong believers in the truth of Genesis and would love to stop by and visit. But we will be in that area on Wed July 3rd 2019. Since its right before a holiday I wanted to know if you will be open that day?

  2. Dan Graber

    I made the trip to Mt St Helen's south rim August 6, 2018. Watched it blow up in 1980 from our front yard in Oregon, but waited 38 years for the mountain to settle down before making the trip to the rim. Found your web site today after listening to you on Creation in the 21st Century program last weekend. I love the work you are doing. I credit my young earth creation views to Mr. Nordmo and Mr. Sweeny my 6th and 8th grade teachers at Damascus Union Grade School in Boring, OR. Mr. Nordmo said, “there were two basic views, Nothing + Time + Chance = Everything, and God + Plan + Design = Everything.” Mr. Sweeny said, “If the Flood was true then the Bible must be true, if there was no Flood then the Bible cannot be true. The scientific evidence points to the Flood of Noah and a young earth.” The Bible says, Noah in his day was not a preacher but an ark builder. Those who reject Noah's Flood are the ones who mock the Word of God, 2 Pet 3:4. No one mocked Noah in his day since Jesus said, “they knew nothing about what would happen to them until the Flood came and took them all away.” Noah believed and trusted God and his word to him. That's the life Noah lived and the message Noah Preaches to us today.

    1. Paul Taylor Post author

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Dan. I am pleased you managed to get up to the rim. I assume I am too old to do that now! But I love showing people around the area around the volcano, and explaining how the environment, the biology, and the geology was changed so rapidly, giving the lie to the idea that millions of years are required.

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