Creation Explorers: Tracking the Flood


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The Bible records that the earth’s rock surface was shaped catastrophically by the global flood of Noah’s day. Modern geology proposes that the earth’s surface was shaped by millions of years of slow and gradual processes. Which theory is more reasonable?

The discovery of the catastrophic, rock-carving Ice Age Missoula Flood in Washington State shattered the “millions of years” theory. It proved that mega floodwaters can carve out the rock formations that geologists had claimed only “millions of years” could carve.

Join the Creation Explorers as they journey into the Missoula Flood's path, examining the erosion signs of flood catastrophe and comparing those rock features with the rock features seen across the earth. The evidence that the whole earth suffered under a great water catastrophe soon becomes clear. The Biblical global flood can never be called a “religious myth” again.

[65 minutes. Region Free]