Scheduled Boundary Trail Hike

Spirit Lake from Johnstone Ridge Observatory
September 17, 2019 all-day
Mount St Helens Creation Center
147 Front Ave NW
Castle Rock
Scheduled Boundary Trail Hike @ Mount St Helens Creation Center

This is a new, experimental excursion. No official charge is being made, as it is possible we may have to abandon the trail before the end. You are, of course, welcome to give a donation if you wish.

The intention is as follows:

Meet at the Creation Center at 9:00am. Leave the Creation Center no later than 9:30am.

Drive straight to Johnstone Ridge Observatory, arriving about 10:30am (please note that the JRO make a charge for using their trails of $8 per adult, unless you have a National Park card, in which case the cardholder gets free entry for him/herself and up to three guests. I have such a card, so can get free entry for the first three adults who claim it!)

We will walk East along the Boundary Trail. After about 45 minutes, we should reach the new trail, which by-passers the Devil’s Corner. We will follow this trail until it joins Harry’s Trail, where there is supposed to be a very good view over Spirit Lake. This hike should take about 90 minutes one way; we then need to retrace our steps another 90 minute back. The whole hike will be about 3 hours, therefore – plus any time added for lunch.

Walking Boots are highly recommended for this hike, and probably a gallon of water, especially if the weather is hot and sunny.

If the weather is rainy, we may need to cancel, or adjust the hike.