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The Mountain And The Word – Episode 001 a

From the heart of Washington state, you are listening to The Mountain and the Word – an audio podcast show from the Mount St Helens Creation Center, featuring news, views and information with a biblical and scientific perspective. The mountain and The Word is produced and presented by Paul Taylor, and is available for download from our website – mshcreationcenter dot org

Ark Encounter to Open July 7th 2016

ark_encounter_announceOur friends at Answers in Genesis have just announced that their Ark Encounter will open on July 7th 2016. For at least the first 40 days and nights, it will be open for 24 hours a day! Let's hope it doesn't rain all that time.

The attraction features a building of wood – a life-size replica of the Ark.

The whole concept of the Ark Encounter is very exciting, and I can't wait to see it. To find out more, visit either the Answers in Genesis website, or the special Ark Encounter website.

And to celebrate the announcement, you can now buy our Don't Miss the Boat bundle for just $35 online!


Buy a New Bible


With the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas almost upon us, there could not be a better time to buy a new Bible. We have a small number of a range of Bibles for you – all on special offer. Click on the links below to buy them!

The_Evidence_Bible_hardback Evidence Bible – NKJV (Hardback)
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Mark's Gospel (WEB) Mark's Gospel (WEB)

Where Birds Eat Horses – Introductory Offer

Where Birds Eat Horses

My new book, “Where Birds Eat Horses”, is currently on special introductory offer at $18 (plus shipping). You can purchase the book online here.

Watch the video, by clicking on the image below, to find out all about the new book!

Read what other people are saying about the book here.

Mercy Day

Mercy Day

Mercy Day

My good friend Sye ten Bruggencate has announced his Mercy Day project. The announcement is made for September 13th 2015. The first Mercy Day will be September 13th 2016. The date will be 9/13.

In Genesis 9:13, God said:

I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” (ESV)

The rainbow is not a sign of man's defiance. It is a sign of God's mercy.

We support Sye's work on this issue. Visit his special new site:

And watch his video:


Where Birds Eat Horses – Pre-Order!

Where Birds Eat Horses

The new book is finished and uploaded. The Grand Launch, including book signings, will be during the week beginning September 28th. However, the book will be available before then.

Where Birds Eat Horses
The new book from Paul Taylor

A BBC documentary series showed a giant, extinct, supposedly carnivorous bird catching and eating a tiny alleged ancestor of the horse. “This is a world where birds eat horses”, intoned the Oscar-nominated actor, voicing the narration. The evidence for this? One fossil gastornis (a giant bird), six fossil propalaeotheria (supposed horse ancestors) and one fossil bunch of grapes (that caused the “horses” to get tipsy, and lose concentration) all found together in one place. From this find was woven a fascinating story, which was then presented, as if it were a wildlife documentary. Where Birds Eat Horses: The Language of Evolution shows that evidence for evolution does not reside in observational science, but in the clever use of language. The book assists the reader in spotting such unscientific or pseudo-scientific language in textbooks, popular science articles, and documentary films. Without needing a degree in science, the actual science in such media can still easily be filtered from the use of fuzzy words, magic words and false presuppositions. It is shown that the acceptance of the truth of Genesis is a much better foundation for science than the mythologies of evolution.

The book is available for pre-order from the Mount St Helens Creation Center.