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New Location for 2016

Mount St Helens Creation Center

We are very excited to announce that we have a new base for the Mount St Helens Creation Center for the season of 2016. We are going to be located from May 1st 2016 at The Silver Lake Grange, 3104 Spirit Lake Highway, Silverlake, WA 98611.

Directions: to find us, simply leave Interstate I-5 at junction 49, signposted for Castle Rock and Toutle. Use State Highway 504 Eastwards towards Toutle, and Mount St Helens. After 5 miles, you will see the state-run Mount St Helens Visitors Center on the right. We are just less than a mile after this, on the Left. You will therefore reach our new Center 3 miles before our old center.

Directions to Silver Lake Grange
Directions to Silver Lake Grange

Costs: Renting this building gives our ministry 2 sorts of costs, and, if possible, we would love to have your help.

  1. We need to pay rent for just 6 months for the building. Please consider whether you could give us a regular donation of $50 per month for just 6 months. We only need a small number of such donors to cover this rent.
  2. There will be some temporary signs, paint, portable display units and a portable projection screen needed. If you have such items to donate, please get in touch, or please consider a one-off gift to enable us to purchase the items. We estimate that we need to spend about $2,000 to get the Center working for the season, and we need that money as soon as possible.

You can give for either or both of these targets by going to our donations page, or using the link to our FaithLauncher appeal below. We will also shortly have some exciting options, whereby you could pay for a private family tour of the mountain area now, at a discount of as much as 50%, to be used later in the Season! Please come back for details of these offers within the next day or two. These offers will be listed as products in our store.

FaithLauncher Appeal

Many thanks for all your help. God-willing, we will have a very successful new season with the Mount St Helens Creation Center, @ Silver Lake Grange.

Silver Lake Grange
Silver Lake Grange

New Season Changes

East Side and Spirit Lake
East Side and Spirit Lake
Mount St Helens, from Spirit Lake

Some of you will now know, from our email newsletters, that the ministry moved out of its former premises (4749 Spirit Lake Hwy, Silverlake, WA 98645) on January 31st 2016. We are now waiting on God to see how He provides for the new season. In the meantime, this ministry will continue to be available, when the new season begins. If we have not found new premises by then, there are a number of venues that we will be able to book, in order to accommodate your visits and excursions.

Please support our
New Season Appeal!

FaithLauncher Appeal
Donate here

It was hoped that we would be able to acquire new premises, with the aid of a small investment team, who have prayerfully given us their support. However, the premises that we all had in mind, which we felt certain that God was drawing us to, have not yet been available to us. It has become clear that we need at least one more investor, although the more investors we have the better. If anyone reading this email has a large sum for investment – possibly at least $150,000 – then please contact us, so that we can put you in touch with our current investment team. Though there are never guarantees with such matters, this is not intended to be a large donation. It is intended to be an investment, on which you would get a return. If you do not have those sort of funds, but you know of someone else who does, please feel free to share this news as widely as you can.

Only Believe

Only Believe

Paul Taylor's new book, Only Believe, is a guide to apologetics. In the book, Paul explains how apologetics is sometimes mishandled. Through careful use of Scripture, he examines the best way to defend your faith.

“Apologetics is that branch of practical theology concerned with the defense of the Christian faith. Yet, I discovered that, for years, I had being doing apologetics wrong. It turned out that what I was defending was not really the Christian faith, but simply a form of theism. In this book, I introduce the concept of Presuppositional Apologetics, and examine it from Scripture. I have kept technical terms to a minimum, so that this should be just about the easiest to read book that you have ever found on the biblical way to defend your faith.”

Paul Taylor, author.

“‘The Bible says so.’ Try giving that answer to a 21st century individual and get ready for them to be underwhelmed.  Why? Because they have no idea the enormity or power of that statement. We sing the song as kids, but somehow as adults we forget that the most authoritative and simple answer is, ‘The Bible tells me so.’ In his book Only Believe, Paul Taylor delivers the background to this profound answer. Read it for yourself and BELIEVE.”

Eric Hovind, founder and president of Creation Today.

“Jesus Christ is King. He's my King, he's Paul's King, He's your King. We need works like this that teach us to recognize the kingship of Jesus Christ when we defend our faith in the hopes that the lost may come to know our King as their Savior.”

Sye ten Bruggencate, apologist / evangelist, Absolute Apologetics


Creation Caching

Celtic Cross
The Celtic Cross is being used as the symbol for Creation caching

For a little while, this site has hosted a number of Creation Caches – a creationist twist on the old high-tech treasure-hunting game.

From January 15th 2016, this hobby gets its own website: The holding site is already in place, so that you can register your email, in order to get the latest news on this new venture.

All proceeds from Creation Caching membership will come to the Mount St Helens Creation Center.

The Mountain And The Word – Episode 002

From the heart of Washington state, you are listening to The Mountain and the Word – an audio podcast show from the Mount St Helens Creation Center, featuring news, views and information with a biblical and scientific perspective. The mountain and The Word is produced and presented by Paul Taylor, and is available for download from our website – mshcreationcenter dot org