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Geri's Advent – Day 7


Day 7

As I sit here tonight wanting to write my pause for thought I remembered that actually I had forgotten to mention Advent and its meaning. I was first introduced to Advent at St Lukes Church in Endon, the village in which I was born, and the placewhere me and my father were saved. It was a traditional church and as such I was introduced to church liturgy.
St. Luke’s Church is a Grade II listed building dating from 1730. It sits high on a hill overlooking the valley in the Staffordshire Moorlands. It is a special church for me and my family as my sister and I were both married there, had children baptized, served on the council, or as vergers/servers. My father was a faith servant there for 28 yrs and is buried in the garden to the rear,with a view of the place he loved so very much. It is a genuine place of beauty and tranquility.

St Luke's Endon
St Luke's Endon

It has a number of magnificent stained glass windows, two of which have special cultural significance. Firstly, is the East window by the artist Burne-Jones. Burne-Jones was a ‘friend of William Morris and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. In 1861, he became a founder member of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Company (later Morris and Company) for which he designed tapestries and stained glass.’ The second stained glass window was given as a memorial to the poet and philosopher T. E. Hulme. Born in Endon in 1883, Hulme was killed in action during the First World War in 1917.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this and what it has to do with Advent. I share this only so that I can build a picture of my experience with this special time of the year.
The Advent wreath began in the time of the Protestant reformer Martin Luther. On the 4th Sunday before Christmas a wreath would be placed in the church with 5 candles on it. Each Sunday a candle was lit as we remembered the coming of Christ, the first candle symbolizing hope, then love, joy, peace and message of salvation He bought to the world. Different churches I know do similar things not all using the exact format but the sentiment is the same. The last candle is the centre one and represents Christ. This candle was lit at midnight on Christmas Eve at our service.

The church, for this service, would be decorated, and each member of the congregation would have a candle. During the service there would be carols, a message, a reading, communion and the lighting of the candles. Then the lights would be turned off and the center candle, representing Christ, would be used to light the candle of a parishioner who in turn lit the next candle of the one sitting next to them, and they to the next and so on, until the entire church was lit only by candles. When all the candles were lit we would sing a carol without music. The windows would glow with their story. I know that the Holy Spirit filled the air on those occasions. The windows depicting the life of Christ, the candles, words, prayers, and praises, may well have been done for centuries but the essence of their meaning was still relevant, honest and true.

I have heard some criticize these traditions even ridicule them, but whatever your feelings towards them it is my experience that they bought me to my knees, repentant, and humble, they led me to salvation, poured into me, lifted me and sent me out. They taught me many things and provided a solid foundation.

Tonight my pause for thought took me back to the Advents I first experienced, which in turn reminded me of my salvation and the start of my life long journey. My prayer is that this Advent you too will consider from where you have come and give thanks for your own journey. God works in mysterious ways and uses all manner of people and places to reach His children. The story of Advent is as true today as ever. Jesus came to bring hope, show love, impart joy, offer salvation, and leave the Holy Spirit to empower you to do the same.

Luke 2 English Standard Version (ESV)

The Birth of Jesus Christ
2 In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. 2 This was the first registration when[a] Quirinius was governor of Syria. 3 And all went to be registered, each to his own town. 4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, from the town of Nazareth, to Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, 5 to be registered with Mary, his betrothed,[b] who was with child.

Happy and Blessed 2nd Advent Sunday.

Geri's Advent – Day 6


Day 6

Sometimes for no apparent reason I randomly remember the craziest of things. While enjoying a mother daughter date today I suddenly remember I neglected to add a scripture verse yesterday! I should have money stopped from my wages…. Oh hang on I don’t get paid- ummm

Today I got to lie in- no alarm, what a treat. Then a leisurely breakfast and catch up on facebook before Beth and I headed out to a ‘red white and blue’ bizarre at the school, a ‘small businesses’ event and finally a trip to Farmstead Antiques. It was great to attend these events, see such beautiful crafts, products, furniture, services, and meet friendly folk. We had great fun and after we had sampled everything…., twice, we headed for ‘The Tea Cup’, an awesome tea shop, a super tasty chicken pot pie and maybe a little cake. Sitting to write today’s pause for thought, I reflected on my day and how much it reminded me of home. Then I reflected on the word ‘home’. I tried to ascertain exactly where home was. Was it England? Staffordshire, where I grew up and where my family are? Do I consider Cranleigh, Guildford, Uwhurst, Godalming, Bridgend, Littlethorpe, or even Pensacola as home? What had I actually experienced that felt like ‘home?’

We often say to people, “where’s home?” Or “Wow you are a long way from home?” And so I got to thinking about ‘home’. As a teacher I clearly remember doing an assembly on this topic, finishing with the phrase- ‘Home is Where the Heart is!’ It was my mantra for a long time even to the point of having a ‘sampler’ with it on, hanging in my living room. So is home where the heart is? I am going to say NO. But I would welcome your feedback. In recent years I have wrestled with being so far from Staffordshire and my immediate family. It is hard being so very far away and not being able to travel freely due to the cost etc of going back to the UK.

Home is not so much where my heart is, for me anyway, it is where God has put me. But here is the thing, when we decide to make God our focus and our home where ever He has placed us, our hearts follow.

When we surrender to the will of God and leave, family, friends and careers to follow where God leads; when we are obedient to the call, and the work of that call, then despite the challenge, we find something, a contentedness, peace, comfort and hope, a knowledge that if God has called us to it, it will be OK. Don’t get me wrong, or misinterpret my choice of words. Note I did not say you find things easy, pink and fluffy with a great feel good factor, and just full to the brim with overflowing happiness and joy. In fact I can say from experience that I have not been happy on many occasions. I have felt frustrated, angry, fearful, and if I am honest, resentful at times. Thankfully, God in His wisdom and mercy has brought people into my life that have talked Godly sense. Obedience does not always bring immediate peace, sometimes because of, in my case, a stubborn and determined will, peace is delayed. This year has seen many challenges for me and my family, in fact we are facing one right now. Only 10 weeks ago we moved from Pensacola to WA- 4627 miles, 5 nights, 6 days travelling, with everything we owned in a small Penske Truck. Starting again to make new friends, settle into a new school, house, ministry. Then there is the task of finding a church, dentist, doctor, mechanic, hairdresser, emergency facility, shops, banks ….. the list is endless and the paperwork never ending and the cost more than I want to think about.

I have come to realize that ‘home’ is not where my heart is but where my focus is. If my focus is on the past, places, or things of this world, then that is where my heart is. If my heart is anywhere but on God then I am frankly doomed. If I have learned anything it is this, my relationship with God, is imperative to my functioning, living and loving, effectively in the world and with everyone in it, and making “home” right where I am.

Luke 18:29-30New King James Version (NKJV)
29 So He said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or parents or brothers or wife or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, 30 who shall not receive many times more in this present time, and in the age to come eternal life.”

Matthew 6:21
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Geri's Advent – Day 5


Day 5

This morning as prayed I was reminded of a series of incidents that were totally disconnected, spread over years and even countries. I prayed for guidance, was there a link? Was there something in all of this that God wanted me to share?

Well I have sat down to write and I am just going to let God lead.

The first incident that came to mind, happened while attending a bible study. The group had undertaken a study that required us to learn scripture and spend 40 days in the word. Thriving on structure I enjoyed the daily discipline and tasks. I had time on my hands and used the opportunity to make the most of the study. As we came together it seemed that the opinions of the course within the church was varied, very varied. It lead to me being somewhat confused. I trusted the leaders to choose a biblical study and yet the thoughts and opinions about it frankly surprised me. For the first time I found myself in some doubt and felt it necessary to check out not only the course material but the author as well. As with all studies and anything that comes forth from man, including my humble ramblings, it is important to check out the details and opinions or influences of the text. This is where being in a group really works to build the body, supporting each other, checking information, sharing knowledge and cultivating wisdom.

Having heard the conflicting opinions of fellow group members I sat with my husband and talked it through. He is exceptionally good at searching and challenging materials ensuring that it measures up with God’s infallible word. Sometimes I have seen him wrestle with certain things for a long time before he has felt able to come to a conclusion. I have come to acknowledge and respect this talent of his, and his willingness to change in view of new information. As a result, I have learned the value of questioning, anything said or written by man, not to demean it, but to protect me.

Learning to filter the good, the bad and clever is not something I find easy, but it is vital if we are to grow strong in the ways of the Lord and not the ways of the world or the, ‘impersonators’.

Over the years I have completed many excellent courses, Alpha, The Mind of Christ, Master Life, 40 Days in the Word, The Names of God, Wellspring, Solutions, Power of Prayer, frankly the list is endless. I have listened to sermons by RT Kendall, Derek Prince, David Pawson, Pastors on both sides of the big pond, and this I have learned, “don’t believe everything you hear, see or read; conversely, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!”

The truth can only be found in the Word of God, not man. God has raised up great men and women to speak to the people and lead them to the foot of the cross. To guide, instruct, inspire, encourage and challenge, to equip and make disciples. The work they have done and continue to do is amazing and I thank God for them. But they are human and have the potential to slip, fall, lose sight, misinterpret, and even deceive. There are those that have given real words of wisdom but then fallen and become lost. As a Christian it is not my job to judge them, and suddenly refute all their works, on the one thing that is clearly not of God, but rather to seek God and His confirmation that once a man or woman that had been used mightily and that during that time, his/her work was and still is valid. All too often we reject the whole when only a part, did not come under God’s authority.

Today’s pause for thought is this, there is a wealth of information, books, DVDs, studies, and downloads, but there is only one God. We all need to go deeper, learn and understand how to overcome and rise up to be the men and women of God that He has destined you to be, therefore, seek and you will find, ask and you will receive, draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Read cautiously, listen selectively, and pray that God will reveal truth from lie. Ask for wisdom in every aspect of your life and He will answer pouring out His gifts that you may become a child of the one true God.


Geri's Advent – Day 4


Day Four

Today was the opposite of yesterday, no visitors, no stories, no surprises, just quiet and uneventful in many ways. But our routine marched on as always, getting up, breakfast, devotional, school run, washing, cleaning, and day to day ministry work. It is this routine that keeps the boat of life on an even keel, even when the waves come. Yesterday, despite the visitors and business the house still functioned. The routine, as boring as it may appear, allows the boat to navigate awhile by itself.

As I ambled through my day I could see that this can be likened to our faith. If we have routine in the form of, prayers, studies, fellowship, worship, and outreach we forge a deep, lasting and solid relationship with our Creator, Savior and friend. That ongoing and consistent bond equips us to deal with the storms. Being in that communion with God means that as soon as anything comes along to challenge our lives we are prepared, pertinent scripture verses come to mind that help guide, give comfort and encourage; prayer comes naturally and is intimate, we are in tune and able to hear the gentle voice of our Lord. The fellowship with others becomes a trusted support network, and worship shifts our focus and lifts our souls.

While we don’t know what is going to happen day by day. We do know who holds our future, is over events and situations and can be relied upon to walk with us and carry us. Much will come along and change our perspective, opportunities or influence us in some way, but our routine of weaving God into every aspect of our lives means that regardless of the ups and down, the occasional thrown curve ball or emotional roller coaster, we can be rest assured, our worlds will hold steady and stand strong.

Today, my routine does not seem so mundane, but rather an opportunity to go deeper into God and be prepared during rough weather not only for my own walk, but to help and support others in their rough seas too.

Geri's Advent – Day 3

Day Three

It does not bode well when I am only on day three and am trying hard to write the right thing. I am struggling not because I can’t think of anything but because today has been no ordinary day by a long shot.

Today started like no other, with a call reminding me a medical bill was due at around 6.15 am. Up at that time ish anyway I continue to follow my routine, shower, prepare breakfast for Joe and sit with him a while. We share a devotion and read the related verses; today John 6: 1-9,

John 6:1-6 NKJV Two phrases struck a deep cord.

6 After these things Jesus went over the Sea of Galilee, which is the Sea of Tiberias. 2 –

“Then a great multitude followed Him, because they saw His signs which He performed on those who were diseased. -”

3 And Jesus went up on the mountain, and there He sat with His disciples.
4 Now the Passover, a feast of the Jews, was near. 5 Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” 6 But this He said to test him, for ……………

“He Himself knew what He would do.”

Joe and I prayed and then we stepped outside, breathing in the cold, frosty, crisp clean air as we headed for the car. I set the engine going and begin the task of de-icing. The words of the scripture were ringing around my head.

Back home I sit at my kitchen table and consider today’s pause for thought, nothing flows. I read more scripture, nothing flows, Paul comes in and we have our prayer time, it is heartfelt, nothing flows. I check out Pr 31 ministries, read the daily devotion, laugh out loud, but still nothing flows.

A local member of the community heard we needed wood and called to ask if he could help. We said absolutely, and he delivered half a cord, after he had got his wife ready for the day; she is disabled, we heard some of his story. I returned to the table and still nothing flowed.

Another neighbor called with some warm clothes she thought I would like, I do! We chatted a while, I returned to the table, nothing flowed. Yet another neighbor came, this time to collect some items I had set aside for a family in need, we chatted and she shared how she and her family had lost everything when the volcano erupted, and how on that fateful day she bundled her precious children in the car and headed for safety. I returned to my table and nothing flowed.

Yet another neighbor came who has been helping with some plumbing; he knew we had a need, came fixed it and left, no charge! I returned to my table, nothing flowed.

Thinking that activity might help me process, I stacked the logs, clean out the fire place, prepared a fire with the new wood, added to the ‘imitation snowmen’, (they are still not complete), swept, and washed. I collected the mail and opened it find not one, but two substantial donations for the ministry. We had some disappointing news about a special visitor that couldn’t come for Christmas. I sat once again to my table and still nothing flowed.

You would think by now that the ideas would have flooded and tumbled out, spoilt for choice as to what to share. The fact is that today was like no other. Each moment from waking, God began speaking to me, through His word, my prayer, neighbors, anonymous donations, other people’s stories and my own.

The words of today’s scripture resounded, some only followed Jesus, (then and now), because of the miracles He performed.

Today God stirred my heart in a way it has not been for a very long time. I do not want to be the ‘imitation’ that I spoke about yesterday. I prayed hard, studied, reflected, shared time, and stories, listened, (not something I am known for) and experienced a myriad of emotions as I, in my humble way, tried to walk the talk. All this in just 12 hours. I do not want to be known as ‘a crowd that follows Jesus because of His miracles’, I want my faith, walk, and relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to be authentic, the real thing and not something that tickles my ears and gives me the ‘feel good’ service. But to be ‘the real thing’ I have to step out, be obedient, humble, staying steadfast, trusting and surrendering, why? Because….. He Himself knew what He would do. Today, I have struggled to write, not for lack of things to write about but because I really didn’t know how to choose just one. I have wrestled with what I have read, heard and felt. Were things easy today? Absolutely not! Did my heart break today? Totally. Was I shocked disappointed, frustrated, bowled over, thankful and deeply touched? YES!

My desire yesterday to be the real thing was put to the test today, not to be just what I can be for Christ, but also to humble. Sometimes we find it easier to give than receive, share then listen, react rather than wait. Today, I have given, received, shared, listened, reacted and waited. Phew.

A bill board went up around America today that said- Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to not to go to Church, I don’t believe in fairy tales’.

Today, I say, Lord all I want for Christmas is to BE your Church, because I don’t believe in fairy tales!

Blessings all


Geri's Advent – Day 2


Day Two

Tire SnowmenOver the last few days we have been making Christmas decorations, and decorating our tree. We have been disappointed that we have not had enough snow to build a snowman, so having seen a project on Pinterest we decided we would have a go at something a bit different.

Using old tires we stacked them to get the general shape of a snowman, painted them white, covered them in fake snow and put them at the edge of the property, 3 of them.
They are still a work in progress and need arms, eyes, noses, buttons and a scarf but they are on their way. Thing is no matter how good they look or how much fun it has been to build them they are not the real thing. You don’t have to look too closely to see they are an effective ‘imitation’.

I got to thinking as we worked hard to make them as realistic as possible, that as Christians we can be guilty of the same thing. We often strive, really strive, to do what we think we should, to appear to be authentic, when actually on inspection we are falling short. Sometimes we spend hours on projects, going to studies, being active in a church body, doing all manner of things that keep us busy, when God has never asked or wanted us to do any of those things.

God never intended ‘used tires to be snowmen’! Why then as Christians do we think it is OK to embrace the influences and opinions of the world, be busy doing everything except what God has called us to do and profess to be ‘born again’ Christians walking with God. All too often I think without my God filter, act without my Jesus filter, and react without my Holy Spirit guidance filter. Every day I am challenged to stay focused on what God desires rather than what I desire.

Going to church for what I can get, not give, talking the talk to sound wise when the depth of knowledge is lacking , saying I will pray for people with needs, but forgetting or not even having the intention of doing so, reading the bible but not studying it, makes me just like that ‘tire snowman’, ‘an imitation’, an ‘impersonator’ and someone who will be quickly shown as shallow and without substance.

Every day I fall short in one way or another, don’t pray as I should, rush reading, push back study, neglect to worship and tally with the Lord. The difference is, I know that to do so leaves me empty, vulnerable, and weak. I strive to be what I can be, and I fall short, but God’s grace comes gently along and nudges me, longing me to spend time with him. In striving to become the ‘Real Thing’, authentic and Christ like, will take me down God’s path not mine, will have me doing His projects, not mine, and loving those He brings into my life. When I do this people will see that while I am not Christ, my actions, reactions, and responses are showing me to be a Christ –like, work in progress.

Today I challenge you to surrender 10 minutes of your time and seek God’s agenda for your life, the answers may shock you as they did me. Don’t be a tire snowman day.

Ephesians 5:1-2
5 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. 2 And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.


Geri's Advent – Day 1


Day one

AdventWell I said I would post something every day and I intend to do so throughout December.

Sadly, my phone camera is no longer working and so uploading the awesome pictures of the mountain, and the passed weekend I thought I had taken are lost.

This got me thinking, so often there are times in our lives that we wish we could capture moments, events, or feelings that the camera cannot fully seize or truly convey.

Today my daughter and I began the clean up after our Thanksgiving Weekend of fun and craft, when visitors made a Thankful Paper chain, decorations, posters and all manner of mess. They also sampled Jamie’s awesome cookies, my mince pies, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

As we worked we reminisced about the weekend, the highlights and our favourite bits. Recalling the events filled me with a sense of warmth and thankfulness. I met so many wonderful people who just wanted to come and support us, to get to know us and to find out more about the mountain and the ministry.

There were so many wonderful memories that while my camera failed to capture, my mind did not. I met a young man called Sam, he doesn't mind me sharing, he has Downs Syndrome, his incredible mum dad and grandma, had been staying around the corner and saw our literature in the office of the RV site. They wanted to find out more and came along. Sam came straight in and offered me the biggest and best hug I have had in a long time. He trusted me, a stranger, with his hug. At first his mum and dad were unsure how I would react, but for me there was no doubt, I checked to see if it was OK with them to respond, was given the all clear and hugged Sam back.

Sam spent a few hours with us, he was awesome at the treasure hunt, made a beautiful angel tree decoration, munched a few cookies and made me smile. I also got several more hugs and a great big thank you as he left. No camera could have captured the impression this young man made on my heart. A memory I will treasure for a long time, thank you Sam for your hugs, your innocence and trust.

On Saturday, the sun shone and the mountain was majestic. We were visited by my some inspirational young folk who travelled from Portland to spend the afternoon. This wonderful group wasted no time in joining in. I had asked one of them some weeks before if he could think of some activities for young folks, he did not let me down. Not only did he think of a game, he brought along all the costumes and props to make it happen. As I continued to speak to other visitors or sit and complete tasks I would hear the group, my daughter and son included, howl with laughter. I heard accents from around the world and silly orders being banded about as part of the game. The fun these young people had was genuine and relaxed, it warmed my soul.

No camera could have come close to encapsulating this time- about 2 hours. After the game, they all worked as a team to rearrange the room as I cooked food. A movie went on the big screen and they all sat and watched as they munched away.

While I am greatly saddened I can’t retrieve the photos and share them, it doesn't mean that the events didn’t happen, I know they did, I saw them, heard them and was touched by them. I am recounting events and writing them down for others to read and enjoy and hopefully be touched be too, just as the writers of the Bible did.

They did not have cameras or videos, yet they documented everything. Was I there when they wrote? No, despite the fact that my children think I am old enough to have been. But those that were there did record it for those that would come after, that they too may hear and be touched, changed, and renewed.

I know that 25th Dec is not the actual date of Christ’s birth, but it is the day that for whatever reason, we now use to celebrate the birth of the one who would change the world forever.
Today I am thankful for the writers of the books of the Bible, for the legacy their writing left to us and the opportunity to they gave us to be born again, and follow Christ.

Thank you Sam, Arthur, Verity, Hope and everyone who came to the 7Wonders Museum, you touched my heart and made a memory better than any camera.

I pray that this season you will make memories that you too can treasure.

Feeling Blessed.


Creation Explorers: Tracking the Flood

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Creation Explorers: Tracking the FloodThere are always the occasional product, which you simply know, as soon as you see it, will be a hit! One such product is a new documentary film called Creation Explorers: Tracking the Flood.

In the Pacific North-West, the Creation Explorers are known for their exciting adventurous field trips, helping people to understand the evidence all around us, that is consistent with the truth of Genesis. In this film, this group of energetic and highly knowledgeable young people lead us on a journey to find the evidence for the catastrophic remains of the Missoula Flood. Much of their explanation is centered around the picturesque Columbia Gorge, on the border of Washington and Oregon. But there is also a considerable amount of film from the rest of the world, showing that the signs of catastrophe left by the Missoula Flood are just a laboratory example of the bigger signs of catastrophe left behind by the final stages of the worldwide Flood recorded in Genesis.

The old Reithian doctrine used to be that television should inform, educate and entertain. This movie does all three in bucketloads! If you buy this film, you will not be disappointed.

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The Pope's Views on Creation

Milky Way

Pope FrancisHow should we respond, when we learn that Pope Francis has declared that belief in God and evolution are compatible? Perhaps we might start by saying that we are not surprised. After all, Popes in the past from the 1950s onward have found nothing to complain about with Darwin's theory.

It could be suggested that the thrust of Pope Francis's current ministry is to move the Catholic Church in a progressive direction, further away from the teaching of the Bible. It is also important to see his statements in the context of other proclamations that he has recently made.

Milky WayThe starting point of the Pope's argument is that of compatibility. He states that the Big Bang theory “doesn't contradict the intervention of a divine Creator, but demands it”. However, this statement misses the point, and also, incidentally, illustrates why biblical creationists do not major on the arguments of the Intelligent Design Movement. The Pope believes that, if there were a Big Bang, then there must have been a god to start it off. There is a certain logic to that position. However, he is assuming that there was indeed a Big Bang. Yet there are even a good many secular scientists who do not accept that the Big Bang happened.(1) From a biblical point of view, the issue is not whether or not the Big Bang theory required a god to start it off, nor whether the God of the Bible could have created by the Big Bang, if He so chose (of course He could). The issue is not what God could have done, but what He actually says He did!

Having allowed for God to be able to do anything, the Pope's next point is inconsistent. He continued “When we read about creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so.” Magic has rightly been condemned by the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries, on biblical grounds. Yet, the Pope is now equating the clear words of Scripture with sorcery. Those of us who accept the Bible to be true do not imagine God as a “magician”, i.e. someone who wishes to trick and deceive, but we do acknowledge that God is “able to do everything”. Far from being a purveyor of magical tricks, God is the Creator, who has explained in His Word exactly what and how He created.

In both these comments, it is clear that the primary source of authority for the Pope, and indeed many other religious leaders, is not the Bible, but rather a humanistic interpretation of science. Today (October 31st) marks the 497th anniversary of the Reformation, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenburg, and called the church back to the primacy of the inspired Word of God. Indeed, his comment that “You are to deal with Scripture in such a way that you bear in mind that God Himself says what is written. But since God is speaking, it is not fitting for you to want only to turn His Word in the direction you wish to go”(3) is as relevant today as it was then. As Elijah asked the Israelites “How long will you falter between two opinions?” (1 Kings 18:21).

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3. What Martin Luther Says – A Practical In-Home Anthology for the Active, page 1523