Dry Falls Excursion (Scheduled) @ Vantage, WA
Jun 11 all-day
Dry Falls Excursion (Scheduled) @ Vantage, WA | Castle Rock | Washington | United States

This is a new excursion for the Mount St Helens Creation Center. The excursion will start from the Center, and we will visit the Quincy Falls, an unusual erratic near Soap Lake, and, of course, the Dry Falls. These interesting features are associated with the devastating events of the Missoula Flood, which we maintain happened as an indirect result of the worldwide Genesis Flood.

This day will be a very long day. We aim to set off from the Center at 7:00am. It takes about 4 hours to drive to our target area. You will be driving back for 4 hours! (Unless you decide to stay overnight in the Grand Coulee area)

We may well place two other muster areas en route, so that other people from North or South East of here can join the party before we reach the area. Our final muster area is likely to be at Vantage, WA, on the banks of the Columbia River.

Please watch for further details, and an itinerary, which will all be published on this page in due course.

Our current intention is to leave the Creation Center at 7:00am. Our final muster point will be at Vantage, WA. We will muster in the parking lot of the Texaco gas station. I am hoping to arrive there at about 11:30am. We intend to leave that point at 12:00pm.

We will visit Quincy Lake, an erratic near Soap Lake, and the Dry Falls. We should reach Dry Falls at about 5:00pm, so will finish our excursion there about 6pm.

The excursion is being led by Ron Payne, who has led excursions to the Dry Falls for many years. Ron is a former Board member and former President of this ministry. we are delighted that he has agreed to do this excursion on our behalf.

If you are interested in joining with us, please contact us at the Center, so that we can determine whether or not the excursion will go ahead. the sooner you can contact us regarding this excursion the better. Also, you will need to contact me to get my cellphone number, which I will not publish here, but we may need to communicate on the day, if traffic conditions cause delays.

If you intend to stay overnight, before driving back, there is a camp site in the Dry Falls State Park, and there are a number of hotels in Coulee City and Soap Lake.