The Mountain And The Word – Episode 014

Paul outlines some of the latest news from the Mount St Helens Creation Center, including, hopefully, the imminent announcement of new premises for the ministry.

Then the episode tackles more on the issue of biblical inerrancy, which has morphed into an attack on Presuppositional Apologetics. Paul responds to a number of recent articles on this controversy, from Spencer Toy, and from Frank Turek, as well as Andy Stanley. Using his book, Only Believe, Paul brings us back to a positive view of biblical apologetics.

Cross Encounters

Cross Encounters
“A Decade of Gospel Conversations”

Cross Encounters is the name that evangelist Tony Miano uses for his ministry. It is also the title of his new book, which is clearly a labor of love – love for the lost, and love for the Savior.

What is the difference between a teacher and a mentor? A teacher instructs the class and offers explanations. A mentor lives by example, and invites you to imitate him. A good teacher will often be a mentor, and vice versa. Tony can fulfill both roles. I have heard him teach in evangelism conferences. But in the book Cross Encounters, Tony fulfills the role of mentor. The subtitle of the book is A Decade of Gospel Conversations. Page after page, Tony explains how and why he got into conversations, and he reports on those conversations. As readers, we are invited to get as close as we can, in the pages of print, to watching an evangelist in action. The advantage of reading these encounters, rather than just watching, is that we are able to get inside Tony's head, because he explains what he was thinking at the time.

Part of the mix in the book is a set of helpful Evangelism Tips. My favorite one is #5 – “Hello Officer”. You must remember that Tony is a former Law Enforcement Officer. He has also seen the “other side”, having been arrested while evangelizing in London, England, and in Scotland. In “Hello Officer”, he explains how one must remain polite and respectful, while maintaining a gentle and firm witness. Tony's wisdom is illustrated in quotes like this:

“It is important for Christians to keep in mind that while the Declaration of Independence promises citizens 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,' God makes no such promises to His people in His Word. Sadly, somme Christians take to the streets convinced that they must fight with people for 'their rights' instead of fighting for the souls of people through the proclamation of the gospel.”

When I first saw the reports of this book's advent, I hoped that Tony would be exercising the work of a modern day Ichabod Spencer (look him up…). I was not disappointed. If you are already involved in street evangelistic ministry, you need this book, to encourage you. If you are not yet so involved, you need this book to encourage you! Christians, you need this book.

(I will be trying to get hold of copies for our bookstore. In the meantime, use the link below)

Buy Cross Encounters here

The Mountain And The Word – Episode 012

There have been a number of attacks this last week on biblical truth. One of the attacks noted at the Mount St Helens Creation Center is on Presuppositional Apologetics. In this episode, Paul interacts with an interview given by Peter J Williams, and also with a critical review of Paul's book, “Only Believe”.

The Mountain and The Word – Episode 011

There have been a number of attacks on the doctrine of the Trinity, recently, from figures previously assumed to be from within the church. Others have begun to assume that it is not essential to believe in the Trinity. Is it a necessary doctrine for salvation? This is particularly noticeable among creationists. How do we relate to creationists, who do not accept the Trinity?

Presenter Paul Taylor makes the case that the doctrine of the Trinity is essential, and not just an optional extra, and that Trinitarian teaching is, or should be, at the heart of creationist teaching.

The Mountain and The Word – Episode 010

In this episode, presenter Paul Taylor looks at recent remarks by apologist William Lane Craig, in which he states that what he calls “Young Earth Creationism” is embarrassing. Paul responds to this allegation, showing that Craig has given a false authority to evolutionary science, and even to science per se, ignoring the true authority of Scripture. Paul goes on to look at Craig's principle apologetic method, the Kalam Cosmological Argument, and shows that the god who is “proved” by the KCA is not even the God of the Bible, and, therefore, must be a false god or an idol.

The Mountain and the Word – Episode 008

The Mountain and The WordPresenter Paul Taylor discusses the new location for the Mount St Helens Creation Center, further places to get information on dinosaur soft tissue, the new MSHCC guidebooks, and new ways to watch the Creation Today Show.

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The Voyage Begins Again

The Ark Encounter
The Ark Encounter, by Answers in Genesis

Our friends at Answers in Genesis have built a full-size replica of the Ark. This magnificent construction, in Kentucky, is witness to God's grace and His work of salvation. This is how their Ark Encounter website describes the project.

“The Cross is the greatest reminder for us of the salvation we can have in Jesus Christ. The Creation Museum was built as a reminder that we can trust the authority of God’s Word in every area. Other than the Cross, the Ark of Noah is one of the greatest reminders we have of salvation. The Ark Encounter project was born out of a desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people across America and the world.”

The full-size Ark will house a wonderful, God-honoring and faith-building exhibition about the Flood. We commend AiG Ken Ham, and all his colleagues, on this achievement, and pray that it will be mightily used of God to bring people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

The opening date for this project is Thursday July 7th 2016.

For more information, please see their special Ark Encounter website.

Meanwhile, the link below opens up their latest drone footage of the project.