In the beginning was Ida, the initial Darwinian ancestor – the first material on Earth to transform from inert to, well, ert. Ida begat Luca, the last universal common ancestor, and the molecule that gave rise to every kind of life on Earth, from lowly bacteria to the giant panda.

So begins an unusual article in the New Scientist magazine. The article is one of a number published in NS, that refer to “things we know exist, but have never seen”. So this article refers to the Initial Darwinian Ancestor, or IDA, as the first time non-living material became living material. The suggested template allows for a few stages of evolution, until we get the Last Universal Common Ancestor, from which the evolution for everything else branches.

The article rightly points out an inconvenient “chicken and egg” problem.

All life uses proteins to carry out its essential functions, including making DNA and executing its code. But proteins themselves are made from DNA templates – so without DNA, no proteins. Which came first?

The article has no answer, yet concludes that it must have somehow happened, because, after all, life is here. The key to the problem is in the name Initial Darwinian Ancestor. The whole problem presupposes that Darwinian evolution is true. If only the article’s author could have realized that there are many scientists, who, for legitimate scientific reasons, do not accept that Darwinian evolution happened. Then we might get an acknowledgment that no one has seen IDA or LUCA, because they never existed. “In the beginning, God created” is so much more scientific than “In the beginning was Ida”.

Reprinted from Creation Moments

A Great New Look!

New look for the Creation Center

If you drive into Castle Rock, to see our Creation Center, you will not fail to notice that we have had a facelift! The Creation Center now has a beautiful new paint job.

The exterior walls of the building have been repaired, sealed, and painted in a lovely color, called Serious Gray. I think you will agree that, with the brick red detail work, it looks stunning.

Castle Rock has a fine, picturesque downtown area, and many of the other buildings have been painted and repaired in the last two years. Hopefully, the new look for the Creation Center will enhance the appearance of Downtown Castle Rock, as the Council and the Chamber of Commerce seek to attract more visitors.

Creation Center
Long morning shadows with the new look Creation Center.

Opening Ceremony

Creation Center Opening

When we were able to get access to our current building, in 2017, the tourist season was already underway, and with all the necessary plans, we did not really get chance to stop and consider a proper Opening Ceremony. This year, we wanted to correct that. So, Saturday March 26th 2018 was our Opening Ceremony.

As many of you know, this ministry was begun by Lloyd and Doris Anderson, who used the name “7 Wonders Museum” for the center that they operated at their former house, in Silverlake, Washington. Lloyd and Doris did us the very great honor of performing the Opening Ceremony, by cutting the ribbon, and praying for the Center. After the ribbon cutting, everyone piled into the Center, and both Lloyd and Doris spoke at more length about their time operating the ministry. Geri and I were able to present Lloyd and Doris with flowers, and an inscribed clock, and also with a celebratory plaque, which is now displayed in the Center. Then, I was able to share a few words about the future of the ministry.

Finally, light refreshments were served, and ,any people stayed for quite a long while, chatting, and reminiscing. It was a most enjoyable day, as you will see from the photographs in this gallery below.

Updating Privacy Policy

At present, we have very few clients domiciled in the EU. Of these, all but one are in the UK, which will cease to be part of the EU in 2019. However, it is possible and likely that we will have others on our mailing lists eventually in the EU, so our website and organization are moving to ensure compliance with the terms of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Until our new privacy policy is in place, this temporary notice should reassure you that your personal information is used only for our records, and to ensure our tax compliance. No personal information is ever given to anyone else, without your direct, unambiguous permission to do so.

This statement of intent is given without prejudice, and remains in force until the board and leadership of the MSHCC are able to put an approved privacy policy in place.

Paul Taylor

22 Starting Up Again

Portable Recording Studio
Portable Recording Studio

It's been a year since the last episode of The Mountain And The Word, but we are back – and the sound quality is better!

Re-starting The Mountain And The Word podcast! In this episode: an introduction to the Creation Center in Castle Rock, WA. A review of the movie Genesis Paradise Lost. Our education services. A science unit for homeschooled teens on oil.

Rumblings at the Volcano

Bean Creek

I have had a number of inquiries to the Center in the last several days, asking about reports of rumblings at Mount St Helens. A little research shows that there have indeed been a number of earthquakes in the vicinity of Mount St Helens, since the start of 2018. Those earthquakes – one of which reached magnitude 3.9 – are focused on the Bean Creek valley – a tributary of Smith Creek, which, in turn, flows south to join Muddy River, and hence drains into the Lewis River basin. To view a larger version of the map, please click on the small map.

There have, of course, been rumblings before, in recent years. There were a number of tremors in 2016. Magnitude 3.9 is fairly substantial. It is possible for an earthquake that size to cause a little damage, and it could certainly be felt. However, Bean Creek happens to be in a remote area of the Gifford National Forest.

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network report that this cluster of tremors is due to local fault lines in and around Bean Creek, and is not associated with magma under Mount St Helens. It follows that these events are not likely to be linked to a possible forthcoming eruption of the volcano.

Nevertheless, it must always be remembered that Mount St Helens is the most active volcano in the contiguous 48 states. There is always a danger of further eruptions. An eruption on the scale of that of 2004 is not unlikely, though we probably do not expect something as violent as the 1980 eruption.

Alien Intrusion Movie

Alien Intrusion banner

In the space of the last 12 months, three creation-based movies have been seen as one-off events at movie theaters, distributed by the theater event company, Fathom Events. The first was Is Genesis History – a documentary compiled by Del Tacket, and featuring creation scientists such as Andrew Snelling, Robert Carter, and Danny Faulkner. The there was Genesis: Paradise Lost, which was created by my friends Eric Hovind and Ralph Strean, with a galaxy of creationist stars such as Ken Ham, Charles Jackson, Andrew Fabich, Bodie Hodge, David Menton, Georgia Purdom, and many more.

Now there was Alien Intrusion, which was a bit different. I went to see this at the movie theater on Thursday January 11th 2018. Based on the book by Gary Bates, this movie follows Bates, as he describes his research into the phenomenon of alien visitation and abduction. Most such phenomena can be explained by naturalistic means, but there is a minority of such experiences where there is clearly something real that has happened to the experiencers, that has affected their lives. In most cases, these people want the experiences to stop, and are left depressed and anxious by them. Bates analyzes these more realistic phenomena from a biblical perspective and comes up with an explanation which is at once startling, but, in my opinion, convincing. I think you need to read the book or watch the movie to get the explanation.

The movie included several other experts, as well as some fascinating personal testimonies. There was also some excellent film sequences, to accompany the argument. The topic is difficult for some Christians to accept, but I suggest it is an important topic, and am pleased that the movie worked so well.

Are there any negatives? Just two small negatives. The first is really not the fault of Bates or his ministry (CMI). The other two films that I mentioned were screened at my local theater in Kelso, WA. But the number of theaters being used for Alien was much less, and I had to drive for an hour to the state capital, Olympia. This also led to small audiences. The theater auditorium that I was in had just 12 people in it, compared to a full auditorium for both the other movies. The second is that the movie did not start with a solid biblical presupposition. Indeed, one of the participants early in the movie started by mentioning the “Law of Causality”, but was really quoting the Kalam Cosmological Argument. I have explained in my book, Only Believe, why I believe we should not use the KCA.

These negatives are minor, compared to the importance of the subject. I was glad that I had watched it, and I will definitely be wanting to get hold of the movie for screening in our Creation Center, if I am able.