31 Creation Day One and a Terrible Textbook

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In this episode, we talk about upcoming events for the Mount St Helens Creation Center

We then address the publication of a theistic evolutionary textbook, written for students at Wheaton College and elsewhere, compiled by BioLogos.

Paul then discusses what happened on the First Day of Creation.

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Risen without a Doubt

Celebrate Easter at Mount St Helens

Please take the time to come to Creation Center, and watch some of this amazing video series on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each showing will last about 1 hour 15 minutes, including and questions afterwards. The video is a discussion between Eric Hovind and Tim Chaffey, and is in 6 parts; we will watch two of them.

The showings start at 6pm – Sunday April 14th and Sunday April 21st (Easter) 2019.

Click on the image to watch the trailer.

Center Volunteers

Being a volunteer at the Creation Center is fun! You get to meet interesting visitors, and have time to chat, as well as find out more for yourself about how creation and apologetics. You do not need to be an expert on the subjects of creation or the Bible. You just need to be able to point people to where our exhibits are.

Would you be able to help?

When I am taking groups on an excursion to the volcano, I have to close the Center for the day, unless I have a volunteer to look after it. Please consider volunteering, to help out. You will be shown how to operate the Point of Sale equipment, and also the Audio Visual equipment – and both of these tasks are easy.

If you think you could help out, please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you with some dates that we need to fill.

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30 The Length of the Genesis Days

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • The Mountain Word Science curriculum – unit on Sound and Music
  • How to ask questions for the podcast to answer – podcast(at)mshcreationcenter.org

Paul discusses what the Bible teaches about the length of the days in Genesis 1.

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29 The Beginning of Day One

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • The Governor of Virginia’s comments on abortion.
  • My upcoming trip to Pensacola.
  • Our New Season Appeal
  • The Beginning of Day One

Paul discusses various forms of the so-called Gap Theory, and why it is biblically untenable.

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New Season Appeal 2019

Mount St Helens from I-5

The new season for 2019 will be beginning soon. Already, we are taking bookings for excursions for the Summer. And, as often happens for ministries of our sort, the coffers are depleted from the long winter months when we get few visitors. So we are launching a special New Season Appeal, and asking that you will prayerfully consider helping us to meet these exciting new season goals.

For the new season, we are hoping to have a number of special things in place. Check out the gallery, and the descriptions below for details of what we are hoping to achieve.

Building Signs

The outside of our building looks so good, now that it has been painted. However, it now needs professional looking signs, that can easily be seen from the street. These are likely to cost about $3,000.

Presentation Area

The presentation area needs a partition sheet-rocking to the ceiling. Have a look at our gallery, so you can see what I mean. Then we need a large, permanent screen, and the projection equipment must be properly installed. Cost – about $500.


New displays cost money. It costs about $300 to get a museum standard display of four boards produced. Then we need new display stands, to show the displays off effectively. These cost about $500 each, and we probably need two.

Audio Features

I have been developing two audio displays. To complete these – one of which I built from a Raspberry Pi computer kit – will cost about $200 in parts.

Human Resources

Obviously, the most expensive cost for this Center is the human resource aspect. The only person who gets paid is the Director. Please help make sure that there are enough funds to pay him for the next couple of months.


So, you can see that we are likely to need a boost for the Center of about $10,000. Thank you for all your prayerful support in the past. Please pray that we can achieve this goal. Any funds collected through this appeal will go into our General Fund, and I will report back on how your gifts have been spent for each of the items mentioned above. Please use the special Giving Button above or click here for the special donations page.


28 New York and Imago Dei

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Upcoming events in Washington state and Pensacola, FL
  • The so-called Reproductive Health Acts in New York state.

Paul explains in detail what the Bible and creationism has to say about abortion and the unborn child, and offers comment on the recent events in New York state.

Please keep tuned for further, more frequent episodes.



In the beginning was Ida, the initial Darwinian ancestor – the first material on Earth to transform from inert to, well, ert. Ida begat Luca, the last universal common ancestor, and the molecule that gave rise to every kind of life on Earth, from lowly bacteria to the giant panda.

So begins an unusual article in the New Scientist magazine. The article is one of a number published in NS, that refer to “things we know exist, but have never seen”. So this article refers to the Initial Darwinian Ancestor, or IDA, as the first time non-living material became living material. The suggested template allows for a few stages of evolution, until we get the Last Universal Common Ancestor, from which the evolution for everything else branches.

The article rightly points out an inconvenient “chicken and egg” problem.

All life uses proteins to carry out its essential functions, including making DNA and executing its code. But proteins themselves are made from DNA templates – so without DNA, no proteins. Which came first?

The article has no answer, yet concludes that it must have somehow happened, because, after all, life is here. The key to the problem is in the name Initial Darwinian Ancestor. The whole problem presupposes that Darwinian evolution is true. If only the article’s author could have realized that there are many scientists, who, for legitimate scientific reasons, do not accept that Darwinian evolution happened. Then we might get an acknowledgment that no one has seen IDA or LUCA, because they never existed. “In the beginning, God created” is so much more scientific than “In the beginning was Ida”.

Reprinted from Creation Moments